Sunday, 13 April 2014

backup you data from dead computer

backup your data from your computer when it does not start 


if your system is not getting start, don't worry you can still backup your data

The necessary items you will need is as follow\

1. one pen drive  with at least 4-8 gb

2. hiren's bootcd ( link )

3. USB format ( link )

4. grub4dos ( link )


now start with step by step

1.  format USB

  • start USB format 

select the above options and start formatting (it will take some time)

2. start grubinst_gui 

  • select the USB and refresh the part list and select whole disk
  • now click on install
  • done

3. copy grldr and menu.lst from to the usb

4. extract the hiren's and copy all stuff to the usb 

note: after completion the folder will look like as follows

ok you have done the good job now you can use this pendrive as a bootcd 

you can start your system driect through this pendrive 

steps to boot  from pendrive 

  • connect your usbflash drive to system
  • start your system
  • rapidly press f10 or f12
  • you will asked to choose the usb 
  • so just choose the usb drive
  • and the choose other tools
  • select mini windows xp
  • and the system will start with windows xp

now  you can access your all drive 

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